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Welcome to Rebels Lane.

As a child, Rebels Lane was my pathway to adventure. It meandered from the end of the cul-de-sac, where I lived, beside a brook between farmland and out into the Essex countryside. This website has nothing to do with rebellion, but is a record of my adventures past and present.

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This weeks Adventure of the MIND

200 Years ago, in September 1823, the process by which the
Book of Mormon came to be, began.
Since publication in 1829 it has remained one of the most controversial books ever written. For millions the Book of Mormon is scripture.
In August 1965 I was introduced to it and it changed my life.

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In the centre of a new housing development in Southend-on-Sea there now stands this statue of  Eric Kirkham Cole, inventor and founder of the company EKCO. Here, where once stood the sprawling factory he established, himself and many brilliant minds, for 30 years pioneered the development of radio, TV, radar, nucleonics, plastics and many innovative products. At it's height the company employed some 8000, including myself, mum, dad, two uncles and a cousin. Click here to read more about this largely forgotten company and some of its outstanding achievements.

A Page from the Past

Opinion Health Checkup

Opinions are Rife!
Whether it be the pandemic or a football manager, how healthy are your opinions? What currently is your greatest influence, or more profoundly, WHAT IS TRUTH? 
Click here if you are curious


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Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

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