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Robert Schumann's Lost Concerto    

During the months of October and November 1853 Robert Schumann composed his last major orchestral work, a violin concerto in D Minor. But because of his subsequent mental ill health and death in 1856, it was never published or performed publically, until, through mysterious events between 1933 and 1937, it was brought to light, published and performed.

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However, through numerous 'glass game' seances, Joachim's niece and popular violinst living in London, learnt of the concerto and with the assistance of her sister Adila, Baron Palmstierna and German music publisher Willy Strecker, it was published in 1837 and performed by her with the BBC Symphony Orchestra led by Sir Adrian Boult on 16 February 1938.

Following Robert's death his wife Clara  entrusted the manuscript to leading German violinist and close friend Josef Joachim, making him promise that it should never be published or played. After her death in 1896 he deposited it in the Prussian State Library with the condition that it should not be published before 100 years after Robert's death.

Josef Joachim


Clara Schumann

There are  recorded performances, past and recent. This one by Sayaka Shoji is my favourite.


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