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Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

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OMONIA STATION, ATHENS - Nikos Kessanlis, “Queue”

ghosts 2



In the metro station of Omania, Athens, behind opaque glass

Figures stand, press, beckon in the hope of catching an eye.

“We need your help, we are trapped, we cannot pass.

We want to move on, to live, to help.” They silently cry.


“We constantly pray, but your pride holds you back.

So we queue, but for most of us the line is not moving.

Seek us out, find our names, it’s not so hard.

Just listen to your heart, what the spirit is proving.


Temples are now springing up all round the world,

Saints are eagerly attending their own.

But so many of us have no one yet who’ve been told.

The way, the truth and the life in His fold."


Their birth is not a sleep and a forgetting,

And the star that set has returned bright and clear,

Their hopes now lie in what they are not regretting,

Family so out of reach, so far yet so near.


Did they leave this life trailing clouds of glory?

Like the first they left after defeating that old adversary.

Or was their time on Earth but a common story

In pursuit of the vain, the mundane the cursory.


Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

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