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‘What should I be doing?

          What am I doing here?'


There are times in our lives when we need to ask these questions. Recently I was given answers before realising I had even asked them!


Sometimes, people, places and things can become so familiar we lose sight of their value. Writing this web page for me is long over due. Without any exaggeration it is about the most important choice I have ever made in my life. That choice was when as a seventeen year old I agreed to read the Book of Mormon.


My first reading, back in 1965, gave me sight. Until then I was blind or unaware of the spiritual side of my life. In particular I never before understood who Jesus Christ really was and what He did for all mankind, whether they believe in Him or not. My spiritual eyes and heart was opened by the Book of Mormon.


It also gave me the power to overcome self defeating behaviour like smoking and drinking alcohol. The more I read it so other areas of my life progressed: my academic and professional pursuits, my self confidence, my sense of responsibility and my relationships.


'Of all the things we can be doing in life the best thing we can be doing is reading the Book of Mormon because it will always stir you into doing the better things you can be doing.'(Hugh Nibley)


My wife and I read the Book of Mormon together very nearly every day. In recent years perhaps it has become so familiar I have under valued it. Recently I began watching the Book of Mormon lectures by Professor Hugh B Nibley that are now available on YouTube. These lectures have stirred my mind and my heart into a renewed appreciation of the amazing phenomena that is the Book of Mormon and I say with him,


“The Book of Mormon is like nothing else!”


90 Second Clip from Hugh Nibley Lecture 1, 'Like nothing else'

Full Lecture

Watch this if you want to know where his hat went!


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