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The Comedy of Cecilia is a slick and highly entertaining novel for all time. In the conversations she pens, Caroline shows little fear of offence as she describes with wit and sarcasm her central character Cecilia’s predicament. Women’s social status, even this late in Victorian Society, was more than just being denied the vote. Women with any intellectual ambitions were denied self-fulfillment by those who they were totally dependent on for their keep.

Although the plot is simple it may surprise you as to the final outcome or ‘who wins in the end?’


Available in Kindle format - £3.99   USA   $5.16

More to come including the sequel to Chosen


Rebels Lane Publications

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Nuages - Django's Testament My first novel is a roller coaster thriller

that takes you back to the mid 1960s when Nazi propoganda was still rife.


(Listen here to Nuages which was a top selling jazz recording composed by Django Reinhardt soon after the Nazis invaded France)


Available in both Kindle - £3.99 and paperback formats - £6.99

USA $5.16 and £8.91

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Royalties from all publications listed here will be donated to

Reach the Children UK


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Chosen Before They Were Born is a thought provoking paranormal, sci-fi thriller that also taps into the spiritual realms of Jewish Mysticism (Kabala), Buddhism and Christianity, when seven ordinary individuals discover they have have been born to prevent an imminent invasion.


Available in paperback - £8.99   USA $11.72

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A Point of View was Caroline's final novel. Set in what was Westmoreland it is a romance in the 'Bronte' tradition with plenty of drama right to the end.


Available in Kindle format - £3.99   USA   $5.15

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Rebel's Lane: My Times and Seasons 1948 - 2020

is my autobiography.


Rebel's Lane was a thoroughfare from my childhood that was the path to adventure. Though primarily written for posterity, I have been assured it is a 'good-read'.


Available in paperback - £7.95 UK  $11.12 USA

Put To The Proof is Caroline's first novel originally published in 1883 in 3 volumes and reflects the nature of Victorian womens relationships with men and each other.

This is no sweet, 'Austin' like romance and is interesting with regards the authors own life. Neither herself or her three sisters, born in the mill towns of northern England, ever married.


All three volumes are compiled in the one paperback - £7.99   USA  $10.45


Rebels Lane

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