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Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

Book of Mormon pback

Life, Freedom, Eternity


Mother, how much pain did you suffer to bring me into this world?

Soldier, how willing were you to die for my freedom?

Lord, what you did for me, was it necessary?

These undertakings, can I ever appreciate them?


Mother, did I ask it of you, could I have?

Soldier, did you volunteer?

Lord, was it your will, yours alone?

For these services, can I ever, in some small way reciprocate?


For my mother’s pain, I am,

I thank you.

For soldier’s lives, I am free,

I will not forget.

For my Saviour’s life

There is no grave that will hold me,

By His Gethsemane and Calvary

He will erase every, tormenting, regret.


Comprehend – How, I know not.


Repay – With what? I can not.


Cease rejoicing? For eternity, I will not!



Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

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