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The Plan of Eternal Progression

During the first week in August, 1965, with my 17th birthday in two weeks time, my mother did an extra ordinary thing. Two American missionaries, Elders Richardson and Tullis, called at out home and she made an appointment with them to come and talk to me. When she informed me of this I looked forward to it, expecting to put down any notions they may have of a God in Heaven. They came, declared that the heavens were open, that there were living prophets again and there was new scripture. I was intrigued and my journey of discovery began.

Stephen 17

I was diligent in reading Joseph Smith’s testimony and began reading the Book of Mormon. Then they taught a lesson which really stirred my imagination. Over the years the language of the gospel has changed. These days the phrase ‘Plan of Happiness’ is often spoken of, before that came into fashion it was the ‘Plan of Salvation and Exaltation’, when I was taught it was often called the ‘Plan of Eternal Progression’. What a mind expanding idea that was to me as a young man. Noble ideas are those that open your mind to new possibilities, expand your view, extend your horizons, this thought, of eternal progression did this for me then, and still inspires me today.


So my young ones, does this catch your imaginations? Progression now and for ever – where can it lead to? Of course, progression is not always a straight road. We may be distracted, diverted, or simply need to rest. But wherever you are, do not stand still for too long or stay on a path that leads to dead ends or even worse to cliff edges in a fog. You have such amazing possibilities before you; just follow ideas that truly inspire eternal goals.


If you do not know this Plan, find out.


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