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Plight of the Garden Gnome

Gnome Headlines 2

SO that is why my Ziggy has not been delivered yet....

Will keep you updated!

(He was delivered in one piece and now enjoys the shade of my front garden)


In 2006 I wrote and published the following appeal against prejudice and injustice:

I heard on the 8 o’clock news today a most atrocious thing,

About the plight of a people who only pleasure bring,

Prejudice and snobbishness have dealt them a vicious blow,

Garden gnomes are banned from the Chelsea Flower Show!


These simple honest folk who always raise a grin,

Who sit and fish or smoke a pipe or laugh and dance and sing,

Throughout all seasons of the year in sun, wind or rain,

Pursue their lives with not a thought of greed or selfish gain.


We appeal to the nation and to our sovereign queen,

The Royal Horticultural Society, bigoted have been.

For blooms, landscapes and hardware from all around the world,

Before a tv audience have grandly been unfurled.


So may our garden gnome be restored to its rightful place,

Amongst the water features, the urns or Chinese vase,

And never again be treated so, and made to feel so low,

By being banned and excluded from the Chelsea Flower Show.

Gnomes original
Gnome Headlines

But now in 2021 Gnomes popularity has made national



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