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The Best Sound in the World!

There are many sounds that waft the ear,

That raise a smile or dispel a fear,

That calm and sooth a troubled heart,

Or send your pulse right of the chart!

Like the song of a lark in hovering flight,

Or a babies chuckle of innocent delight,

Like the roll of drums in a military parade,

Or summer rain as it gently cascades,

Like a sacred chant in a lofty nave,

Or the thunderous cheer for a goalies save.

Like whispered words from a loved ones lips,

Or a rods jingle when the float at last dips.


But the sound you always long to hear,

That lifts the heart and brings on a tear,

That thrills and brings you relief with a gasp,

Are the mechanics four words, “Your car has passed!”



Each year you deliver your treasured four wheels,

Hoping the rust’s not as bad as it feels,

Wondering if maybe a ticket to United,

May help make him a little short sighted,

The list on his clip board is so very long,

Do the shockers leak, are the lights all wrong?

Is that chip on the windscreen too big to pass,

The brakes work most times, if you don’t go too fast.

The steering’s fine, s’long’s there’s not been a shower,

And exhaust smoke clears, after half an hour.

So you look at his sheet, try to read his face,

And squirm a little as your heart ups its pace,

You wait with bated breath for that longed for sound,

You look again, is that a smile or a frown?

Then comes the long awaited verdict

And “Yyyyyyyyyyessssss!”


Your sanity,


           Your mentality and emotional stability


             In an instant is totally and utterly                    ecstatic!”









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