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Bede and His Remarkable History

Having finished Bede's remarkable 'Ecclesiastical History of the English People' I am uplifted and inspired. So dramatic and pivotal were the historical developments in these islands during the 7th century. The faith and persistence of a few devout missionaries overcame thousands of years of Paganism. How little do we know about names that may be etched above the noticeboard of our local parish church, names like Aiden, Cedd, Chadd, Wilfrid, Cuthbert, Paulinus and others. They faced the Kings of the many kingdoms, they lived in austerity, declining riches, trudging on foot thousands of miles preaching, teaching and ministering to all and at all times being threatened by plague and pestilence.


Much of Bede's history includes accounts of remarkable events, miracles. Of course there will always be skeptics when it comes to accounts of miracles, but Bede was careful, only recording those he felt sure were genuine and witnessed by reliable sources. To conclude my adventure into 7th century Britain I have in my own words related one such story. I call it the remarkable story of Imma and Tunna.

bede engraving
Bede skull cast

The final chapter on my discovery of St. Bede, his life and works was my visit to Jarrow Hall and the site of St. Pauls monastery.


The music I chose to accompany my video is the hymn How Firm a Foundation sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band because Bede gave us the history of how the foundation of Christianity was established in England.


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