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Unseen, unheard they fly in haste, to our side they swiftly race,


To our call when doubts and fears numb our heart, deafen our ears.


Bearing words of truth and light, to bring us hope to wage the fight,


Faith and strength for times in life, when burdens weigh, when strife is rife.




There is no effort they with hold as they pursue their mission bold.


Engaging agents of the one, who fell to Earth when time begun.


Agents who invade our minds with lies and discouragement to blind.


Whispers to coax the moods of man, confuse and tempt him all they can.




Between the worlds of life and peace, fed by hate that will not cease,


Where light and truth is all they fear, from swords of them whose aims are clear.


Of them, so few in ancient times, but now their numbers steeply climb,


As valiant souls who pass the veil join in their fight that will not fail.




Unheard, unseen they fly in haste to battle those who kill and waste,


In the cause of truth and light, there are no depths, there is no height,


Never tiring, no sleep, no rest, united in their sacred quest


They wage the war to end his reign, finally bound in eternal chains.



Rebels Lane

Adventures of the Mind

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