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A Date


or does God use his own calendar?

On the 21st September 1827 Joseph Smith had an appointment with an angel of God, Moroni.

For the past 4 years he had come to a hill anciently 

called Cumorah and been shown gold plates

on which was written a history of the ancient

inhabitants of America. At last he was to have

possession of that record and translation could begin.


But Joseph arrived late that night, in fact,

it was the 22nd when he received them,

the first day of the Hebrew New Year

But was is by pure chance?

The world has seen many calendars, devised by man for the purpose of organising his life: when to plant, when to harvest, when to meet, when to expect an arrival,


Rosh Hashanah is one of the holiest days of the year on the Jewish Calendar.

The "first month" of the Jewish calendar is the month of Nissan, in the spring, when Passover occurs. However, the Jewish New Year is in Tishri, September, this is when the year increases by one, 1 Tishri is New Years day

Some years back, I was curious to know what day 22 September 1827 was in the Jewish Calendar. Working that out is challenging because the Jewish calendar is determined by the cycles of the moon and the Earth’s orbit of the sun. For more info. Go to -


Now discover for yourself, click on the link below, enter 22 September 1827 and see what date you get!


You will see that the messenger, Moroni, gave to Joseph Smith the records of a branch of the Hebrew people living in America that had left Jerusalem in 600BC on:

1st Tishri 5588



The year ahead is 5783, still 217 years to the year 6000!

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