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1.Do not be afraid of admitting doubts, they are the enemy of dogma and fanaticism.


2.Belief and doubt are married like the two sides of a coin; one without the other cannot exist.


3.Acting upon doubt alone, however, is foolish; rather we act on truth as far as we can comprehend it. This is faith.


4.Remember, belief or doubt cannot be measured empirically, it has no weight or size, but is born of experience, whether ones own or another’s that we come to trust.


5.We can believe in or doubt ones self. These doubts are usually because of what we think others expect of us. When we feel this way, simply let the moment pass. The same applies to doubt in another, just be patient and forgiving.


6.We can doubt or believe in an historical narrative, events of the past, whether written, recorded or remembered. When it comes to these doubts we must first decide which events are most important to the health of our belief. Of these we must seek diligently to learn all we can about them both by study and by faith. By study we find out what others have found, by faith we ask our own questions and find our own answers.


7.Remember the allegory of the seed. A good seed, if planted in healthy soil and is nurtured, will grow and mature into a healthy plant. That plant will blossom or bear fruit. It will encourage more seeds to be planted. A seed of truth will always lead to more truth and more glorious awakenings. If the seed is bad, although we may plant it and feed it and encourage it to grow, because it is false it will only lead to a dead end. Pride only will keep it alive.


8.Always be prepared to consider the beliefs of others but recognise that doubt accompanies their beliefs too, even if not admitted to.


9.If you are ever confronted with many who try to encourage doubt ask yourself, what are they offering in its place? If they do offer truth or ideas that enlarge and excite the mind, take courage and pursue them diligently, for they may lead to unexpected treasures.







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